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Evidence Summary Briefs series

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is publishing a series of scientific Evidence Summary Briefs to call attention to the findings of evidence-based studies in important aspects of cancer prevention. As this series grows, IARC will build up and disseminate a portfolio of Evidence Summary Briefs on key cancer prevention topics.

The IARC Evidence Summary Briefs series is the first output of the IARC cross-cutting Working Group on Cancer Prevention Knowledge Translation and Transfer. The aim of this cross-cutting Working Group is to build bridges between the scientific and decision-making arenas by translating and transferring high-quality evidence in cancer prevention, produced by IARC and its collaborators, to stakeholders for their benefit and use.

Evidence Summary Briefs collate and summarize current research results about key topics, to facilitate access to knowledge about cancer prevention by a wide range of stakeholders. These include public health institutions, ministries of health, civil society organizations and networks, societies of health professionals, and policy-makers.

Each Evidence Summary Brief has a “Call to action” section, which calls upon stakeholders to take actions as a result of the research outcomes presented. Such actions are targeted to different categories of stakeholders, for example related to advocacy, policy-making, research, or the implementation of cancer prevention interventions and policies.

IARC Evidence Summary Brief No. 2

The Nutri-Score: A Science-Based Front-of-Pack Nutrition Label

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IARC Evidence Summary Brief No. 1

Breast Cancer Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa

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