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Photo 1: CC-BY-SA 3.0 IGO. IARC/M Stenmark
Photo 2: CC-BY-SA 3.0 IGO. IARC/M Sarzo
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Nature Cancer

21 December 2021 - Cancer research that matters
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The Lancet

27 April 2019 - Elisabete Weiderpass: charting a new course for IARC
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Journal of Cancer Policy

16 May 2018 - A personal view on the role of IARC in cancer control
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List of Journal Articles of IARC Director

All publications 2020-2019 - Director's team

International Childhood Cancer Day 2021
Questions and Answers with IARC Director Dr Elisabete Weiderpass
171st Cutter Lecture on Preventive Medicine - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
IAEA-IARC-WHO Annual Strategic Consultation
Report of the Mission Board for Cancer presented to the European Commission
Address by the IARC Director to the Governing Council
7th IARC Cancer and Society Lecture
First Stone Ceremony for new IARC headquarters building
Fifty-sixth Session of the IARC SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL
World Cancer Report: Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention
Joint conference of IARC, Rotary Club de Lyon, and Fondation de France Centre-Est
50 Years of the Singapore Cancer Registry
Visit of Dr Mari Nygård
World Cancer Report Questions and Answers
Visit of delegation from Danish Cancer Society
IARC signs Memorandum of Understanding with DKFZ
Parabéns ao Registro de Câncer de Base Populacional do Município de São Paulo pelos 50 anos
IARC Director selected as member of Mission Board for Cancer
Podcast - Global Impact of HPV Vaccination with Elisabete Weiderpass
U.S. National Public Radio - A Call For More Research On Cancer's Environmental Triggers
International Conference
Prevention of HPV-associated neoplasms: vaccination and screening
Visit of IARC Director to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità
6th Early Career Scientists Association (ECSA) Scientific and Career Day
Visit of the Minister of Public Health of Lebanon to IARC
Sixty-first Session of the IARC Governing Council
PHOTOS - Hungary joins IARC
PHOTOS - Visit of IARC Director to Mumbai and Pune in India
PHOTO - IARC Director meets the Minister of Health of Lebanon